…and then you quit.

It’s not like you wanted to give up, right?

But after 2 weeks of trying so hard to stick with your new healthy habits, the ones that you thought were finally going to bring you the life you so desired, everything has come crashing down.

If you are like most of us, then you have probably tried to replace your bad habits with new, healthier habits, however, instead of doing it slow and steady, you went for fast and abruptly.

What most likely happened after that, is that you quit all of them in 2 weeks…

5 major rewards for withstanding the discomfort.

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

“The Flinch”, a book written by Julien Smith, fully encompasses my main interest in this seemingly ludicrous practice. The core motivator.

As the author puts it:

“The flinch is the moment when every doubt you’ve ever had comes back and hits you, hard. It’s when your whole body feels tense. It’s an instinct that tells you to run. It’s a moment of tension that happens in the body and the brain, and it stops everything cold.

In essence, the reaction right before something uncomfortable/painful happens.

It’s one of our most basic instincts to survive and defend against threats, which unfortunately…

Why motivation is not enough, and what to do instead

Art by Mira Maia

Have you ever had a burst of sudden motivation?

One that made you rush to do something, an activity you were really excited about, only to find yourself wondering where to even start when you got there?

Could be starting a youtube channel, getting rid of your pot belly, or even writing a book.

A confusion that, in my case, tends to turn to overwhelm quite quickly, and for most people, tends to evolve into avoiding a task that minutes ago seemed of maximum excitement.

We end up procrastinating on a pursuit which just seconds ago deeply motivated us.


What stars really mean.

Art by Karinne Villette

It was a breezy warm day, the type that makes you restless waiting for work to end.

For Cooper though, work wasn’t a concern yet, as he had just entered summer break.

With excitement running through his veins, eager to make the most out of the months that followed, he and his friends went to a new amusement park that was passing by the town.

What followed was a day filled with high emotions and tons of sugar, the type that you’ll remember when you’re eventually stuck at an office, reminiscent of better times.

For how good of a day…

Image by Pixabay

“With great achievements comes equally great effort” — Likely said a parallel universe Spiderman’s uncle.

Great effort meaning, a lot of effort… Right?

In theory that would make sense. The more you work the more you achieve.

“Work while others sleep.”

“I’ve got a dream worth more than my sleep.”

“Hustle until your haters ask f you’re hiring.”

Those are but a few of the posts you can find if you go looking for motivation online. They are exciting, thrilling, and give a sense that the world is yours to conquer if you do nothing but work.

With most of…

Photo by Travis Saylor in Pexels


Hard to translate into words, however, for the mast part, a destination we are all trying to reach.

For how much the temptation for a life of comfort and care-freeness, there seems to always be the internal pull towards something more.

Personally, I strongly believe this to be achieved when striving for a goal we deem worthy.

As Albert Camus put it:

The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.

The big problem with this, and the reason why so many of us are miserably pushing our “boulder”, one…

The clock is ticking

Socrates, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Jobs, Alexandre The Great, Sigmund Freud, Bruce Lee, Frida Kahalo, Marcus Aurelius, etc.

All of the above, for how different from one another, all have one thing in common.

It’s not how much money, success, fame, or recognition they were able to attain during their lives, not at all.

What they all share is a fate destined for you and me soon enough.

One shared between everyone that has and will ever live.


This end of life as we know it, is, to say the least, an overwhelming idea to come to acceptance to, after…

#2 — It’s OK To Feel Bad

Me in Germany, 2017

At the ripe age of 18, I traveled on my own for the first time.

With only a briefcase, a book under my arm, a pair of John Lenon sunglasses, and with excitement running through my veins, I headed to Madrid for a year of volunteering.

This is when I would experience my first true sense of freedom.

Following this experience, a few years later, I got hired for what you could call a “dream job”, with all expenses paid to travel around the world as a videographer/assistant under a self-help coach.

Doing so, I traveled to over 16 countries…

Especially when no one is watching

Photo by Pixabay

We’ve all followed through on an action we believe is wrong, especially when no one is watching.

You know the ones I’m talking about.

Keeping the extra change the cashier mistakenly gave us, fill up a super big gulp at a gas station when we’re on a diet, or simply procrastinate on the habits we know we should be attacking.

We’ve all succumbed to some form of it.

Before they happen, the justification in our minds always sounds bullet-proof, however, after the fact, they get exposed for what they really are: excuses.

“Why did I do that” — You may…

Why you need it to be happy, but how you’ll be miserable if that’s all you chase.

Image by Karolina Rabowska

92% of the money that circulates nowadays is digital. You can’t touch it, stack it, or smell it, however, the importance it carries remains the same.

In many ways, it’s the gatekeeper who holds all the freedom and pleasure we work 8 hours a day for.

We need it to pay rent, gas, buy food, and as research has shown, to make us happy.

Yes, you read that right.


You may have just instinctively questioned.

“Money doesn’t bring happiness, we all know plenty of rich people who are depressed.”

While there are countless examples of wealthy individuals succumbing to…

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